Service Request

TRIP uses iLab Core Facility Management software (Agilent Technologies Inc.) – an online system to streamline the process of ordering and billing for our core service requests and reservations.

Please submit service requests through iLab.

Instructions on how to use iLab can be found on the UWCCC iLab help page.

All PIs and researchers will need to create an iLab account. One lab in iLab corresponds to one PI. Most Dept. of Pathology and UWCCC members already have an account and lab in iLab that they can access by logging in with their NetID at


For clinical research follow these steps: iLab and Clinical Research at the UWCCC


If you are an external customer-i.e.: Industry, you can create an iLab external customer account by following the steps in this guide:

TRIP iLab External Customer Account Creation


More detailed instructions can be found at UWCCC iLab help page or by navigating the Agilent website For any questions not addressed in the Help Site, click on the “HELP” link in the upper right hand corner and submit a ticket to Agilent or contact


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How can I make an iLab request or an instrument reservation?

If you already have an iLab account, these are simple directions on how to submit TRIP service requests or instrument reservation – TRIP iLab requests

In addition you can follow these guides for specific TRIP services:

Aperio Slide Scanning Guide

IHC & ISH Request Guide

STR request to TRIP Lab in iLab

Molecular request to TRIP Lab in iLab

How do I add or update funding information in iLab?

Instructions on how to add or update a funding string in iLab can be found in this guide:

Adding or Updating Funding Accounts in iLab

Besides the PI, can somebody else be designated to manage iLab funding, services and invoices?

Yes, your PI can designate and alternate or financial mamanger to manage your lab account in iLab. Follow the steps in this guide:

How to become a financial manager in iLab

What should I do if my PI doesn’t have an iLab account?

Your PI can follow the steps on the UWCCC iLab help page under the Getting Started: UW PIs heading or follow these directions – Creating iLab account

What should I do if I belong to multiple labs in iLab?

If you are a member of more than one lab in iLab, you should indicate on behalf of which PI you are requesting services or reserving equipment.