About TRIP

Our mission at TRIP is to provide high quality services in cellular, molecular, quantitative and computational pathology to the UW campus research community and beyond. We offer histological, histochemical, spatial and molecular profiling and imaging analyses services such as tissue microarray (TMA) creation, imaging of slides in RGB and multispectral formats, IHC/ISH and cell line authentication on a fee for service basis.

The Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine established the TRIP laboratory in 2002 in recognition of the increasing importance of translational and collaborative research for faculty and trainees. In 2011 the TRIP Laboratory partnered with the UWCCC Biobank to offer services for the Carbone Cancer Center and clinical research forming the Translational Science BioCore (TSB). Additionally, TRIP is an approved affiliated laboratory under the ICTR Translational Technologies & Resource Core (TTRC). For more information, visit https://ictr.wisc.edu/program/laboratories-centers/.

The TRIP Advisory Board provides oversight to the lab while the TRIP Leadership Team meets regularly to manage resources, review projects and discuss operations. Projects and proposals are regularly reviewed and prioritized by the TRIP Leadership Team. All projects are reviewed for feasibility and resource allocation. The Team may also advise on the scientific and technical aspects of projects.