TMA Creation

TRIP provides TMA (tissue micro-array) construction. A TMA can combine regions of interest from many cases/samples (273 max.) into one single paraffin block, saving time and money.

For pricing information, click here. For TMA creation requests, visit our iLab page.


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How many cores fit in a TMA block?

It depends on the size of punch you select to obtain the cores. Our paraffin block size is 37x24mm and can fit the following maximum amount of cores:

  • 1.0mm core = 273 cores/block (21 columns and 13 rows)
  • 1.5mm core = 135 cores/block (15 columns and 9 rows)
  • 2.0mm core = 84 cores/block (12 columns and 7 rows)

What does the start-up fee include?

The TMA creation start-up fee includes, setting up the TMA punch file, an H&E stained slide of your finalized TMA and a 40X Aperio digital image of this H&E slide.

What other costs should I take into consideration when building a TMA?

Other costs could be attributed to cutting and staining H&E slides of the original donor blocks for identification of regions to be punched in the block and final sectioning of the TMA. There is a handling/courier charge for transporting slides and blocks to and from Surgical Pathology and additional costs related to digitizing original case H&Es (if digitally selecting ROIs) or extra punches for molecular downstream applications.  There may also be costs involved if utilizing a collaborating pathologist (to be negotiated with the pathologist).

Who can help me select cases and design my TMA?

TRIP Lab recommends you collaborate with a pathologist to do case selection and H&E slide annotation to indicate where we should punch on the tissue block. To contact a Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine research faculty please go here.

How can I retrieve blocks from Surgical Pathology and transfer to TRIP?

Fax surgical pathology form with a list of blocks to (608) 262-7174. Make sure you check the box “TSB TRIP Lab” in the form under the “Materials Requested” section.