Molecular Pathology

TRIP’s molecular division provides several services including, but not limited to, tissue collection from FFPE tissue via sections, macrodissection of an unstained slide, or punches from a FFPE tissue block. Our Promega Maxwell® 16 automated system is used to extract DNA or RNA from FFPE, fresh tissue, cells (DNA only) or blood (DNA only). In addition, we perform real time PCR and real time RT-PCR using the Roche LightCycler capillary system. You can provide primers or our staff will design them for you based on your project’s needs.

TRIP’s molecular division is not limited to the services on our fee schedule. If you would like assistance or guidance on a project contact us at We can discuss what TRIP can do for you.

For pricing please see our TRIP Fee Schedule. To request STR services, go to our iLab webpage.


Molecular Capabilities in TRIP by William Rehrauer 2016