Image Software Analysis

Current translational research demands to study molecular activity in native tissue environments and disease-specific biomarker discovery. TRIP offers two multispectral imaging software that help in the quantitation and analysis of biomarkers or structures in tissue sections.

InForm software from Perkin-Elmer is a proprietary automated/batch image analysis software that accurately quantifies multiple biomarkers in tissue sections through the creation of trainable algorithms. InForm allows per cell analysis of IHC, IF, and RNA ISH by separating and measuring spectrally overlapping markers, in single and multiplex assays. In addition, InForm allows tissue and cell segmentation via the recognition of antibody masks and morphological patterns.

Nuance allows to quantitate multiple biomarkers in a single multi-label tissue section. This software is not automated and analysis is performed per field of view unlike InForm. By using multispectral technology, Nuance can be trained to recognize spectral signatures of dyes, chromogens or fluorophores that can accurately unmix the multiple stain into single components and at the same time removing the tissue autofluorescence.

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InForm Manual 2.0.2
InForm Manual 2.4
Nuance Manual 3.0.2
Video: Quantitation of Protein Expression and Co-localization Using Multiplexed Immuno-histochemical Staining and Multispectral Imaging
Video: Biomarker Co-Localization, Analysis & Quantification, Kristina A. Matkowskyj, MD, PhD & Wei Huang, MD
Vectra, InForm software and its applications by Wei Huang, MD