The GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) from NanoString, is a technology that enables high-plex spatial and molecular analysis of RNA and protein in tissue specimens on slides. Tissue slides are stained with large panels of pre-mixed biological probes, which each contains a unique, UV-cleavable DNA barcode; and fluorescently-labeled morphology markers to visually the morphology of the tissue. Using the morphology markers for guidance, then ROIs are selected and are illuminated with UV light. The cleaved barcodes from these ROIs are then collected and counted on an nCounter platform (NanoString). The resulting counts constitute an expression or protein profile of key targets across that ROI and illustrate the biology specific to that region. Alternatively, TRIP Lab, in collaboration with the UWBC Gene Expression Center (GEC) offers GeoMx with NGS readout allowing the spatial and molecular profiling >18,000 targets on a single slide.

For GeoMx questions and to schedule a meeting to discuss your project, contact the TRIP Lab at

To request GeoMx DSP services, go to our iLab webpage.

Use this Handbook as a guide to prepare your GeoMx Project.


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What type of sample can I use for Nanostring GeoMx DSP?

With this technology you can use any sample type from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue, to fresh frozen tissue to tissue microarrays (TMAs). 

How should I prepare my sample?

What type of targets can I use in my Nanostring GeoMx DSP experiment?




What type of quantitative assays are compatible with Nanostring GeoMx DSP?

Nanostring nCounter Readout (available at TRIP). Check our nCounter MAX page for more information. 

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS, in collaboration with UWBC). 



What does the workflow of a Nanostring GeoMx DSP project look like?

Alternatively, on Day 3 samples may be taken to the Biotech Gene Expression Center for Next Generation Sequencing. 

Can I used expired GeoMx reagents?

TRIP does not work with expired GeoMx reagents. For that reason, you don’t want to order your reagents too early. Wait until TRIP staff has given you the ok to purchase reagents. Some reagents we may have on hand at a discounted rate.

Contact Becky at: for more details on what is available.



What does GeoMx DSP data look like?